Try Self-Guided Meditation for Achieving a High Frequency

Daily meditation is recommended for awareness, growth, enlightenment or empowerment by speakers, gurus, teachers, and even books. It is refreshing but after three months, you can start experiencing the same issues, similar relationship interactions, identical job, the same frustrations, and everything seems unchanged.

You don’t get inspired to start again because when you did, it was pointless. Some promise to start the next day, which never comes. Remember distraction, resistance-to-do lists, and postponement together conspire to avert you from self transformation.

Self-guided meditation trick

First step is to find out what you are currently doing to bring pleasure then attach to it, which helps it grow. For example, you enjoy Facebook, so for each 15-minutes spent on meditation you plan to spend one hour on Facebook. Thus, connecting these actions becomes a reward for efforts well made.

Mediation can be performed in multiple ways. Self-guided meditation is very easy.

  • Sit with straight back
  • Close your eyes
  • Take deep breath three times

Now, feel your body and mind start to relax. Focus on something that is pleasurable. Imagine that you are checking your Facebook, the shares and likes and what other people are saying. Imagine that you click on your Facebook page and read posts, respond, and click likes. As you are dreaming, just allow your imagination to run in every direction. See a beautiful environment around with a computer on your lap and feel the warmth of the sun’s rays and the fragrance of roses.

You will see a person appearing close and sitting beside you, which is your higher frequency guide. Talk to her/him/it or just enjoy the high frequency for some time. Similarly plan something next time but make sure it is pleasurable.