The trend and history of chillums at a glance

The trend of using chillums is not new. Hindu Monks in India used this tool in the 18th century. Hindu Monks who used chillums were known as Sadhus. They have been reportedly using chillums or one-hitters for thousands of years.

So the trend of smoking one-hitters or chillum has come from Indian since they were first invented and used therein. These smoking tools have been related to holiness and spirituality all over Eastern Europe and Asian, however, one-bitter gained popularity in western countries in the 20th century.

For additional information, please visit Finding a path to include a bit ancient fashion to your smoking habit, a one-hitter can be the one to go. They are exceptional portable tubes that are greatly easy-to-use and they just comprise two segments.

Usually, they are a small sized in a straight line pipe made of clay as well as glass, with the addition of a piece for your on one side a small container on another end. As there no carbon, what you need to do is just put the herbs that are dry herbs in, breath in from the mouthpiece and light the materials. (more…)

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